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Author Aki Kojima

Certified Public Tax Accountant with an MBA, member of the Association of Micro M&A Professionals, and licensed real estate agent. I provide tax advisory services, asset management consulting, and support for business owners, freelancers, and sole proprietors. I have extensive experience in international sales, accounting, labor relations, recruiting, and IT management. In addition to my professional work, I write articles and books on taxation and financial education. I enjoy swimming, reading, photography, and spending time in nature with my two children.

September 8, 2023

June 19, 2024

I provide consultations not only to individuals and those who run companies but also to those who own businesses or are professionals. I offer a pay-as-you-go consulting.

Here are examples of consulting for experts and professionals.

For Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents often request me to consult in the area of land and buildings.

I am a licensed Real Estate Notary, and the role of a real estate agent is to be concerned mainly with the sale and purchase of land and buildings. Although they are concerned about price negotiations, whether any problems may arise later, as people do not want to be complained about after the transaction has concluded.

Thus, income tax is always involved when land or buildings are bought and sold.
I often receive consultations regarding the Income tax and the Inheritance tax.

Taxes have been designed initially with the aim of not having an impact on people to a large extent.
However, you will be subject to taxes when you buy or sell something as significant as land or buildings.

It is so big that some people buy and sell it only once in their lifetime.
In proportion to that, there will be a lot of taxes.

Many taxes can affect whether or not you do the transaction itself.
And even if you do, you must file income tax returns afterward.

So, in some cases, I consult many agents and their customers to make preliminary decisions and handle the later stages for their clients.

For Lawyers

Lawyers sometimes ask me about the tax-related.

Taxes are strictly part of the legal system, so they are a category even for lawyers.
However, taxes are sometimes judged tax-specific or separated from civil or commercial law.

In such cases, we are often asked questions to confirm what we consider from the Income Tax Law or Corporate Tax Law, which are not usually used.

In addition, since tax accountants are often more familiar with tax calculations, we may receive inquiries and respond individually to confirm such calculations.

For Bankers

I sometimes receive inquiries from bank-related clients as well.

They may seek advisory or spot tax filing services for the Income Tax, Corporate Tax, or Inheritance Tax.
Banks are also paying attention to inheritance cases and are responding to them as an opportunity to provide combined services if deposits are also available.

In all cases, taxes are a concern in the disposition and management of assets.
I’m consulted on individual cases, partly because tax decisions are divided in ownership and current status.

I also receive many inquiries regarding mergers and acquisitions.
Not only in the Miyakojima Ward area of Osaka City, where our office is located, but also in a wide range of areas, I receive many inquiries about business transfers, stock sales, stock price valuation, etc., with an eye to business succession.

Business Transfers and Acquisitions

I also receive inquiries about business acquisitions. Business valuation, like real estate valuation, is unique.
It would be nice to evaluate everything independently, but that is not always possible.

One particular issue is the valuation of price.
The person making the offer wants the buyer to buy at a high price, and the buyer wants to buy at a low price.
You would be concerned about which price would be part of the evaluation request.


Trade-related people may also consult with us.

In my case, I have been involved in overseas trade and exporting and importing all my life, so I have a good understanding of the law and the practical aspects of the trade.
In addition to tax returns, the Consumption Tax is a common point of contention.

If you import goods into Japan, you are subject to the Consumption Tax at the time of importation.
Even if you export, here is a move to file a consumption tax return and receive a tax refund.

In both cases, I, as a tax accountant, provide services who need our expertise and trade-related knowledge.

Software and Hardware Retailers

Recently, the Invoice System(適格請求書保存制度) and the Electronic Bookkeeping Act(電子帳簿保存法) will be newly introduced.

At this time, I’m not limited to mere tax reporting and decision-making, but I’m sometimes asked about the sale of peripheral equipment for these systems.
This is because, for example, in the Electronic Bookkeeping Act, I’m not limited to judging the law, but I’m may think about what kind of software or hardware we should introduce to comply with these laws.

End users may consult with me, and I may receive inquiries from those who sell these devices.

Because of my experience in sales, I try to suggest ways to provide value beyond mere tax decisions.

Consultation from accounting firms

I sometimes receive consultations from accounting firms.

Some accounting firms specialize in specific fields, such as trade, business transfers, and English taxation, and I’m often interested in cooperating with other firms in these areas.

I do not discriminate against firms because they are in the same industry, and we try to provide services to firms to the extent that we can cooperate with them.

In summary

We have received inquiries from various people working in that department as well.

I am available for one-off consultations, so please contact us just when you need us; we will be happy to assist you.