A Tribute to Professor Hiroshi Kaneko: The Pillar of Japanese Tax Law

A Tribute to Professor Hiroshi Kaneko: The Pillar of Japanese Tax Law

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Remembering Professor Kaneko: The Legacy Lives On

Regarding the pillars of Japanese tax law, the name Professor Hiroshi Kaneko stands out prominently. An esteemed alumnus and emeritus at Tokyo University, Professor Kaneko dedicated his life to fostering a profound understanding and refinement of tax law in Japan.


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His tenure as a professor began in 1966 and extended well beyond his official retirement in 1991. During this period, he influenced countless students with his wisdom and enriched the field with his extensive research and teachings. His passing on August 23, 2022, marked a significant loss for the academic community.

A Legacy Beyond Academia: Influencing National Tax Policy

Not confined to academia, Professor Kaneko’s impact resonated within the higher echelons of Japanese policy-making. His systematic articulation of tax law as a crucial part of public law earned him key positions in public offices, such as the government Tax Commission. His insights significantly influenced the development and evolution of Japan’s tax system.

Honoring Contributions: A Revered Name in Tax Law

In honor of his monumental contributions, the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations named a distinguished paper award after him. This accolade is a testament to his enduring academic influence and the relevance of his work in contemporary tax law.

The Indirect Mentor: Influencing the Landscape

Professor Kaneko’s influence may reach you indirectly – through the tax system he strived to refine. His relentless pursuit of tax law excellence and reform has been integral in shaping and defining Japan’s current system, impacting tax professionals, business owners, and individual taxpayers alike.


As we navigate the intricacies of Japanese tax law, we remember and pay homage to stalwarts like Professor Kaneko, whose dedicated work and influence continue to guide us through the complexities of a field he devoted his life to enhancing.

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