Inheritance and Gift Support Services

This support service is designed to facilitate complex procedures related to inheritance and gifts. As a tax specialist, I provide the right advice and filing services, allowing you to proceed with confidence.

Service Details

These inheritance and gift support services cover the following:

Example of Consultation
  • Inheritance Tax Returns: We assist in the preparation and submission of the necessary documents for filing inheritance tax returns.
  • Gift Tax Returns: We support the procedures for gift tax returns and propose appropriate tax planning.
  • Inheritance Simulation: We simulate inheritances and predict future tax burdens.
  • Valuation of Company Stock for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: We evaluate company stock and calculate the appropriate valuation.
  • Stock Valuation: We conduct stock valuations and suggest appropriate timing for gifts and inheritances.
  • Consultation on the Timing of Gifts: Based on the valuation, we will consult with you on the optimal timing of gifts.
  • First, a one-off tax consultation is available. If an inheritance tax return is then required, the amount of the one-off tax consultation will be deducted from the final amount.


Inheritance Tax ReturnsJPY330,000 + 0.55% of total estate100,000 yen at the time of contract, the remaining amount before the declaration
Gift tax returns
  • Monetary donation 33,000 yen/person
  • Settlement taxation at the time of inheritance: ¥55,000/person
  • Tax exemption for home acquisition funds, etc.: ¥110,000/person
  • Gifts including exemption for right-of-way vehicles for spouse: 110,000 yen/person
Settlement before filing a tax return
Inheritance Simulation
(No on-site survey of land)
Plan A:JPY55,000 and up
Plan B:from JPY165,000
Plan A: Tax amount estimation only
Plan B: Tax amount estimation and preparation of inheritance planning assignment report
Valuation of the company’s shares in SMEsFrom JPY220,000Advance payment: 10% (at the time of application)
∙ Remaining balance: Before the valuation report is submitted

Prices include consumption tax.


  • Fees include consumption tax.
  • The fee will be applied after payment is made by bank transfer or credit card.
  • After gathering details such as the type and number of cryptocurrency transactions, we will provide a separate estimate.
  • Please complete the payment at least two days before the scheduled service date.


Cancellation Policy

The advance payment made at the time of application will not be refunded, regardless of subsequent progress.

  • Cancellation during evaluation: 50% of the fee
  • Cancellation after evaluation: 80% of the fee
  • After declaration and explanation: 100% of the fee

Eligible Clients

  • I welcome clients from any region nationwide.
  • Depending on your location, I offer online consultations.
  • In-person meetings can also be arranged based on the situation (travel expenses to be discussed separately).

Inheritance Tax and Others

  • For matters involving land, I recommend on-site inspections whenever possible.

Stock Valuation

  • For corporations looking to sell shares and concerned about valuation, I provide assistance.
  • I offer online consultations, so clients from any region nationwide are welcome.

      Application Process

      1. Application: Complete the application and advance payment using the form below.
      2. Meeting: I will discuss your overall situation; sessions can be conducted via ZOOM or other web-based methods.
      3. Exchange of Materials: You will be asked to submit the necessary materials.
      4. Implementation of Calculation and Valuation: I will evaluate the stock price based on the materials received.
      5. Explanation Meeting: After the stock price evaluation, I will meet with you to explain the details.
      6. Payment of Remaining Amount: You will be asked to pay the remaining amount as per the invoice provided during the explanation meeting.
      7. Declaration if Necessary: For inheritance tax and gift tax returns.


      You can click the button below to apply for my services. Please get in touch with me about your daily or business problems and tax-related questions. I offer a wide range of services, including tax audit support and post-startup consultation in English. As your tax partner, I am excited to hear from you.