seller Senmusubi LLC
Operation manager Akihiro Kojima
address 1-2-2 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Osaka station square 2nd building
email address
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payment method Credit card
bank transfer
* If there are other payment methods, they are listed on each product page.
Necessary amount other than product price ・ Items that require shipping are listed on the page.
・Customers are responsible for bank transfer fees.
・Customers are required to prepare Internet connection charges and other costs related to telecommunications line communication separately (the amounts are as determined by each business operator with whom the customer has a contract).
sales volume Items with quantity sales restrictions are indicated on each page.
Application method order form
Application expiration date Expiration dates are indicated on each product page.
Product delivery time Teaching materials (videos, audio, DVDs, CDs, manuals, etc.) will be provided as downloads.
*In the unlikely event that delivery is delayed due to out of stock, we will contact you to that effect.
Product delivery method electronic distribution;
About returned goods and defective products Returns due to customer’s convenience cannot be accepted.
Please be aware of this before placing your order.
Representations and
Product Notices
There are individual differences in the expressions and reproducibility shown in this product, and we
do not necessarily guarantee benefits or effects.