Tax Investigation Support Services

Our support service is designed to alleviate your anxiety about tax audits and ensure you respond appropriately. As a tax specialist, I provide comprehensive assistance, from preparation for the investigation to response and follow-up.

Service Details

The tax audit support services cover the following

Service Contents
  • Preparation Before Investigation: I assist with pre-audit preparations by organizing and verifying necessary documents. I ensure all paperwork and data are in order for a smooth response during the audit.
  • Tax Risk Assessment: I evaluate potential tax risks in advance and propose preventive measures. By identifying potential risks beforehand, I help implement strategies to mitigate them.
  • Audit Response: I will be present during the tax audit to ensure appropriate responses. I act as an intermediary with the tax office, providing the necessary information promptly.
  • Post-Audit Follow-Up: Based on the audit results, I suggest countermeasures and support any required corrective filings and procedures. I ensure thorough post-audit follow-up to resolve any issues.
  • Tax Consultation: I provide appropriate advice for any questions or concerns related to the audit. I offer detailed support to ensure you can consult with peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive Tax Law Support: My services cover various types of tax audits, including income tax, corporate tax, consumption tax, and inheritance tax. I provide audit response services for all these areas.

Tax Investigation

Overview and Importance

A tax audit is an investigation conducted by the National Tax Agency to confirm compliance with tax laws and collect the appropriate amount of tax. Audits are performed on individuals and corporations when inaccurate tax reporting or tax payments are suspected. Types of tax audits include general, document, and field audits, each differing in characteristics and scope. Since an appropriate response is required, support from a tax accountant with expertise is essential.

Importance of Preparation

Failure to respond appropriately during a tax audit can increase the risk of additional taxes or tax reviews, significantly impacting business management. Therefore, seeking professional advice in preparation for tax audits is essential. In particular, the amount of additional tax due may change depending on whether the taxpayer corrected the tax in advance, whether the tax audit revealed the contents of the tax audit, or whether the taxpayer maliciously concealed the tax.

Progress of Tax Investigation and Support of a Tax Accountant

Once a tax audit is initiated, I will take appropriate action as the audit progresses, assisting in negotiations with the tax office and answering questions. Since you may face additional taxes based on how you respond, it is crucial to seek my guidance and take the appropriate measures.

Dealing with the Results of the Investigation and Subsequent Actions

I can help you minimize tax risks by supporting appropriate responses after a tax audit. A tax audit is not complete just by finishing it. Often, you will need to file an amended tax return. I also handle the preparation of tax returns after tax audits.


Sole proprietor / Corporation
Prior MeetingJPY44,000/day
Amend a DeclarationJPY55,000/ fiscal year
Transportation Feeactual expense
*Amounts include consumption tax.
  • For the pre-meeting, please pay by bank transfer or credit card at least one day before the meeting.
  • For on-site fees, please pay by wire transfer or credit card within five business days of the meeting date.
  • I will bill you for the amended tax return after you have reviewed it and before filing your tax return. Tax returns will be filed after payment is completed.

Time Slots

Available weekdays and Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Consulting Method

  • ZOOM/Face-to-face
  • I can meet in a conference room near Umeda if you wish to meet face-to-face.
  • Children are welcome to attend if you are raising them.

Payment Method

  • Bank transfer, credit card

Cancellation Policy

  • Please note that cancellations after payment are non-refundable.
  • If the dates are not convenient for you, I will do my best to adjust the schedule.

    Application Process

    1. Review the Consultation Schedule: Please check the calendar above to confirm the date you would like to schedule your consultation.
    2. Apply for a Meeting: Use the form to apply for a meeting.
    3. Preliminary Meeting: I will review the documents and confirm any points that need to be addressed.
    4. On the Day of the Meeting: I will conduct the central meeting based on the preliminary meeting. The meeting may be completed in one day, but in some cases, it may take several days.
    5. Post-Attendance Declaration: In some cases, I may need to file an amended declaration. If so, I will prepare the tax return and re-file it.


    You can click the button below to apply for my services. Please get in touch with me about your daily or business problems and tax-related questions. I offer a wide range of services, including tax audit support and post-startup consultation in English. As your tax partner, I am excited to hear from you.