Service and Priceing


Tax Advisory

Tax advisory services provide ongoing support for day-to-day accounting and tax consultation. I can also help you develop management strategies and financial plans so that you can run your business with peace of mind.


Tax Filing

This tax return service helps sole proprietors and freelancers file their tax returns accurately and efficiently.  Employees who receive RSUs can also request that I file their tax returns on their behalf. I help you reduce tax risk and confidently complete your tax returns.


Tax Spot Consulting

Tax spot consultation services provide advice on specific tax issues or accounting questions. I can help you resolve problems even without an advisory contract, or you can move to an advisory agreement.


Inheritance and Gift Tax Support

Inheritance tax consultation services assist with estate tax returns and planning for Souzoku-zei in Japan. Additionally, gift tax returns and small business stock valuations are available.


Business Broker Services for Small Business

It helps business owners sell their businesses smoothly. I help them achieve the best possible terms for selling their businesses through market valuation advice, buyer selection, and negotiation support.


Tax Audit Support (Individual & Corporate)

These services help individuals and corporations prepare for and respond to tax audits. By preparing in advance and communicating with tax authorities on your behalf, I aim to reduce the stress of tax audits by providing appropriate measures and advice.


Loan Support

The service proposes optimal loan plans and assists with the application process for companies and individuals seeking to expand their businesses or raise funds. I negotiate with financial institutions on your behalf and help you achieve smooth financing.


Publication and Writing Inquiries

Publication and writing services include writing books and articles based on my expertise in taxation. Through various media, I promote the dissemination of tax-related knowledge and educational activities.


You can click the button below to apply for my services. Please get in touch with me about your daily or business problems and tax-related questions. I offer a wide range of services, including tax audit support and post-startup consultation in English. As your tax partner, I am excited to hear from you.