Tax Spot Consulting

This service provides one-time advice for specific tax issues or accounting questions. I offer prompt and accurate responses to support the resolution of urgent problems.

Details of the Service

This service covers the following types of inquiries. In addition to tax-related issues, I also provide consultations on IT, trade, business advertising, and general business matters.

Examples of Tax-Related Consultations
  • How to file a tax return
  • Tax filing advice for newly established businesses
  • Advice on regular accounting practices
  • Information on the invoice system
  • Information on the Electronic Bookkeeping Law
  • Introduction of accounting software
  • How to choose accounting software
  • How to input data into accounting software
  • Consultation on self-filed tax returns
  • Tax-saving advice
  • Filing for Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
  • Applicability of special provisions for house transfers
  • Whether to contract with a tax accountant or manage your own accounting
  • Uncertainty about what to do with accounting and invoices
  • Wanting to try our advisory services
  • Tax consultation for labor unions
Examples of Non-Tax-Related Consultations
  • Unsure of how to proceed with business commercialization
  • Difficulty articulating consultation needs
  • Want to expand a side business/multiple jobs
  • Need guidance on the path to entrepreneurship
  • Considering the direction of web marketing
  • Questions about Excel VBA
  • Uncertain about trade-related issues
  • Selecting a graduate school for working professionals
  • Consulting on master’s thesis topics
  • Want to digitalize accounting processes
  • Need help identifying problems
  • Want to improve general affairs or human resources
  • Uncertain where to start with improving the company’s back office
  • Struggling with recruitment issues
  • Need consultation on IT equipment


  • ¥27,500 / 50 minutes
  • ¥44,000 / 90 minutes
  • Email consultation: ¥16,500 / session
    • Additional: ¥8,000 / session

Time Slots

Consultations are available Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.
Please let us know if you have any special requests.

Consultation Methods

  • ZOOM/In-Person
  • For in-person consultations, a meeting room near Umeda will be arranged.
  • Parents with children are welcome to bring them along.

Payment Methods

  • Bank transfer or credit card

Cancellation Policy

  • Please note that cancellations after payment are non-refundable.
  • If you cannot attend, I will do my best to accommodate you.

    Application Process

    1. Consideration of consultation date (one-time consultation). Please check the calendar above, select several preferred dates, and then apply through the contact form.
    2. Email consultations can be accommodated immediately after payment.
    3. When applying, please include what you want to discuss during the consultation. Providing information in advance will help us prepare.
    4. Payment instructions will be included in the reply email.
    5. Please pay within 3 business days of your application and by the day before the scheduled consultation.
    6. Confirmation of Schedule After Application: I will adjust and confirm the schedule based on the proposed dates.
    7. On the Day: The URL will be sent after payment is confirmed for web consultations. For in-person meetings, the location will be reserved and communicated to you.



    You can click the button below to apply for my services. Please get in touch with me about your daily or business problems and tax-related questions. I offer a wide range of services, including tax audit support and post-startup consultation in English. As your tax partner, I am excited to hear from you.