Starting a Business in Japan: Freelancer[ Kojinjigyonushi ] and SMB Business

Background of the Case

You may be in trouble starting business in Japan as Kojinjigyonushi as Sole Priopriters in Japan. The journey can often be challenging for aspiring Sole Priopriters (Kojinjigyonushi) or SMB business owners eager to launch their businesses in Japan. If you can fully understand the National Tax Agency, you may do everything yourself. However, they don’t update news in English often. The newest information with a specific date for taxpayers was three years ago.

Common concerns include uncertainty about how to begin, managing taxation intricacies, and navigating through the procedural requirements.

Customers often request me to advise on the above cases.

Our Services

Depending on the stage of your business, you can choose mainly two services.

  1. Business Tax Advisory
  2. Pay-As-You-Go Consulting

The firm offers a Business Tax Advisory service for those with a promising business outlook. This is ideal for those with a clear vision for their venture and need consistent guidance.

Pay-As-You-Go Consulting is a flexible option for those still exploring their options or in the preliminary stages, allowing clients to seek advice and services as needed.

Solutions Provided

In the meeting, I provided the following information and advice.

  1. General Overview of the Japanese Tax System:
    This will help Sole Priopriters and SMB owners to build a foundational understanding for operating any business in Japan.
  2. Timely Guidance: The firm provides insights on when and what actions should be undertaken to ensure compliance and optimize business operations. You need to know prime taxes in managing a business in Japan. I focus on the main points.
  3. Personalized Task List: After a comprehensive review of the individual’s specific circumstances, a bespoke checklist of tasks is created. This ensures that all facets of the business align with regulatory standards and best practices.

By leveraging these services and solutions, Sole Priopriters and SMB owners can confidently navigate the complexities of doing business in Japan and focus on the growth and success of their ventures.

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