Small Business Purchase/Sale

Our firm offers a business sale service as an alternative to business succession. It is also a valid solution for those looking for a succession other than family. By selling the business, you can avoid taxation and restoration costs and transfer the business smoothly.

The service is available even for small businesses, and you can receive courteous advice from experts. It is also possible to set conditions for maintaining the employment of business partners and employees. If you consult with a tax accountant’s office, we will provide a flexible approach to your needs.

Our firm provides “business sale” support for business liquidation. If the management burden increases due to business expansion, the burden can be reduced by selling the business, and the remaining funds can be invested in the next business. Even small businesses can handle it with support from tax accountant office specialists and a service that keeps fees low. If you are thinking of selling your business, please feel free to contact us.

“Business sale support” by experts

Selling a business is a complicated process that requires specialized knowledge and skills. At the tax accountant’s office, we have experts and provide support to realize a smooth business sale. It is essential to prepare in advance, such as selecting a counterparty and calculating the selling price. Our firm’s experts support every step of the way, from advice on the sale of a business to negotiations, drafting contracts, and post-transaction tax advisory services.

Service with reduced fees that can be used even by small businesses

Many procedures are required to sell a business, such as selecting and negotiating with a counterparty and drafting a contract. However, the tax accountant’s office offers a low-fee service that can be used even by small businesses. You can reduce the management burden by selling and investing the remaining funds in your next business. Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form for consultations on business sales and details on our services.

Member of Micro M&A Association

Our firm is a member of the Micro M&A Association. With a high degree of expertise and extensive experience in M&A, we can understand business needs and propose optimal M&A strategies.

In addition, as an essential part of M&A, our firm prioritizes protecting our customers’ privacy and realizing trustworthy transactions. The M&A services we provide enable safe, secure, and prompt transactions. Please get in touch with us from the inquiry form for consultation on M&A and details on our services.

Contract flow

STEP1: Examination of consultation schedule
Please check the calendar below to confirm your preferred date.
STEP2: Request an interview using the form
The form is at the bottom of the page.
STEP3: At the interview, we will confirm your desired content, direction, business outline, and past data, if any.
We will discuss future hopes, an overview of the business, and confirmation of past data.
STEP4: After you are satisfied, conclude an intermediary contract
We will conclude an intermediary contract before surveying the buyer.
STEP5: After completing the contract, start work
After signing, the advisory contract will start.

Business sale consultation

Delivery method

  • If you are in Osaka Prefecture, we will visit you directly and confirm the business.
  • If you are out of the prefecture and want to meet with us, we will charge a separate transportation fee.
  • You can also have a meeting with Zoom.

Amount/Method of Payment

For consultation only

Please apply for one-off consultation. We will respond individually.

Business sale commission

Stock Transfer Amount *1 Deposit *2 Intermediate gold *3 Success fee *4 total reward Minimum reward
Less than 10 million yen 50,000 3% 9% ¥50,000 +12% 500,000
Less than 30 million yen 100,000 3% 8% ¥100,000 +11% 1,250,000
Less than 50 million yen 150,000 3% 7% ¥150,000 +10% 3,400,000
Less than 70 million yen 200,000 2% 7% ¥200,000 +9% 5,150,000
Less than 100 million yen 250,000 2% Five% ¥250,000 +7% 6,550,000
100 million yen or more 500,000 1% Four% ¥500,000 +5% 7,500,000
  • 1 Stock transfer price refers to the stock and business transfer price (added value, including directors’ retirement benefits).
  • 2. The start-up fee must be paid within one week of our company’s advisory (brokerage) contract (no refund).
  • 3. The intermediary money must be paid within one week of the primary agreement contract between the transferee and the transferor company (refunded only if the agreement is not concluded due to the other party’s circumstances).
  • 4 Contingency fee will be paid within three days after the share (business) transfer contract between the transferee company and the transferor company (no refund).
  • 5 If there is a difference between the amount at the time of the basic agreement and the amount at the time of the share (business) transfer, the difference is adjusted by subtracting the difference from the performance fee.
  • No retainer fee (monthly remuneration) is required.
  • Outside the scope of the advisory contract, such as audit fees and attorney fees will be paid separately.
  • Prices shown exclude consumption tax. Numbers without units are circles.


Q: What are the disadvantages of selling a business?
A: Examples include business integration failures, cultural issues, staffing adjustments, and legal issues.

Q: What procedures are required to sell a business?
A: For example, clarifying the purpose and strategy of M&A, selecting counterparties, negotiating, drafting contracts, and conducting due diligence.

Q: How long will it take to sell my business?
A: The time it takes to sell depends on factors such as the size of the business, the industry, and the selection of buyers. Generally, it takes 3 to 6 months. The sale process requires many procedures, from searching for a buyer to negotiations, drafting contracts, and making payments. At our tax accountant office, we support a smooth sale by leveraging our expertise and experience in selling a business.

Q: How do you find a buyer?
A: Buyers can be found by gathering industry information, using matching sites and specialized M&A brokerage firms. At our tax accountant office, we utilize our extensive industry knowledge and networks to provide support in finding suitable buyers.

Q: How is the sale price determined?
A: The sale price is calculated by an expert who considers the current status and prospects of the business, market trends, etc. In addition, the tax accountant’s office will support strategies and negotiation techniques to maximize the selling price.

Q: Please tell me about taxes after the sale.
A: Profits from sales are subject to taxes such as income tax and corporate tax. However, the tax burden can be reduced if the tax accountant’s office develops an appropriate tax strategy.

Q: Is there after-sales follow-up after the sale?
A: If you wish, we will continue to support you with an advisory contract.

Q: What documents are required for the sale?
A: Documents required for sale include financial statements, business plans, contracts, legal documents, and personnel and labor documents. These documents will be presented to the buyer.

We welcome inquiries regarding the sale of your business.
We will consider together whether it will sell in the first place to the approximate amount of money if sold.


Please send an inquiry from the below page.


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