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Financing support

Supporting business loan applications

Loan support is a service that provides “loan planning, document preparation, and bank reconciliation.” Please get in touch with us for the following customers.

  • Those who are considering starting a business
  • Those who want to expand their business
  • Those who do not know how to raise funds
  • Those who are worried about bank loans
  • Those who want a smooth fundraising process
  • Those who want to increase their funding options
  • I want to discuss the essence, not difficult words

Service content

Help with choosing a bank part 1

If necessary, we will help you with choosing a bank. By doing so, customers can receive loans with more optimal loan terms and save time and effort.

Stand between banks and support part 2

By standing between the bank and the customer and providing support, we can act as a bridge between the customer and the bank, leading to successful financing for the business.

Increase financing possibilities part 3

With “financing support,” even customers who find it difficult to pass bank loan screening have a high screening pass rate. Therefore, you can apply for a loan with confidence even if you have no knowledge or experience in financing.

You can concentrate on your business! Part 4

Customers can engage in more efficient and productive business operations by outsourcing the cumbersome work of procedures and screenings to loan support providers.

Subsequent fundraising is also possible5

When applying for a loan, we will consider the repayment plan after that so that we can propose an improvement of cash flow at the same time.

Concept of fee part 6

Hiring new employees with specialized knowledge for bank negotiations is difficult. You can consider it a fee to get this kind of agency.

Target audience

For those within 60 minutes from Osaka Station using public transportation (excluding Shinkansen, airplanes, and ships).

Contract flow

STEP1: Examination of consultation schedule
Please check the calendar below to confirm your preferred date.
STEP2: Request an interview using the form
The form is at the bottom of the page.
STEP3: We would like to hear from you during the interview.
We propose financing possibilities, financial reviews, and banking strategies.
STEP4: After you are satisfied, sign the contract
If you are satisfied with the meeting, we will guide you through the financing support contract.
STEP5: After completing the contract, start work
After the conclusion of the contract, we will start moving.


Q: Tax accountants have a scary and intimidating image.

A: I think it’s a person who doesn’t have such difficulty. Tax matters are closely related to day-to-day decisions, and we strive to respond from the standpoint of our clients.


Deposit: 10,000 yen

  • If the loan is successful, the deposit will be deducted from the reward amount.
  • The down payment will not be refunded even if the loan is unsuccessful.

success fee

loan amount Compensation amount
2-5 million yen 110,000 yen
5 million yen or more 2.2% of the loan amount
  • The deposit will be charged at the time of application.
  • You must pay the remaining amount when the loan is approved.
  • Payment must be made by bank transfer or credit card by the last day of the previous month.


Please send an inquiry from the below page.


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