Corporate/individual services

Pay-As-You-Go Consulting/E-mail consultation

We offer a spot consultation service for those who want to consult on a one-off basis.

This service is for people who wish to consult one-on-one.
This service is for people who want to consult with a tax accountant but do not need an advisory contract.
You can ask individually about the information and knowledge judgments you can provide.

I also serve those who are unclear about the issue and would like to consult with us to flush it out.

Example of consultation

Sole proprietorship

  • I’m thinking about commercialization, but I’m not sure how to proceed
  • I started a business but didn’t know what to do first
  • I want to pave the way for entrepreneurship
  • Is it better to contract with a tax accountant or my accounting path
  • I don’t know what to do with accounting, invoices, etc.
  • I want to expand my side business/double business
  • I want to think about the direction of web marketing
  • Excel VBA
  • I have a question about the trade
  • Selection of adult graduate school
  • Master’s thesis assignment consultation


  • I want to convert accounting to IT
  • I would like to try the advisory service
  • I want to improve general affairs and personnel relations
  • I want to improve the company’s backyard, but I don’t know where to start
  • Concerned about hiring
  • I wish to consult on IT equipment


27,500 yen/50 minutes
44,000 yen/90 minutes

Email consultation (2 business days) ¥16,500

  • For those who wish to set up a blog on WordPress, we will support you from the point of building and setting up a new blog. In that case, please apply for two frames for 90 minutes.
  • Regarding cloud accounting Freee introduction consulting, we plan to charge 33,000 yen / 70 minutes for individuals and 55,000 yen / 110 minutes for corporations. Please let us know when you contact us.
  • Please consider approximately two round trips for e-mail consulting. The fee is 8,000 yen/day if you want to add more. Business days are calculated based on Japan time.

Available Time

Email consultation: We can respond when you apply and the transfer is completed.

One-off consultations are available on weekdays and Saturdays from 9:00 to 17:00. Please check the schedule below for availability.

Consulting Method

(Children, such as those raising children, may attend.)

If you wish to meet face-to-face, we will prepare a meeting room near Umeda, Osaka, Japan.

method of payment

Transfer/credit card

cancellation policy

Please note that refunds cannot be made for cancellations after payment.

Application flow

Examination of consultation schedule (single-time consultation)
Please check the calendar below to confirm your preferred date.
In the case of email consultation, it is possible to respond on any day.

Request an interview using the form
The form is at the bottom of the page.

Please describe what you would like to discuss in the interview.
If you give me advance information, I will check it.

Schedule confirmation after the application
I will confirm the schedule based on the information you have provided.

We will inform you of the payment and the schedule confirmation before or after.
Please make payment within three business days by the day before the scheduled consultation date.

Consultation on the day
After payment is confirmed, we will send you the URL for the online consultation.
In the case of a meeting room, we will make a reservation and inform you of the location.


Q: I am raising a child; can I take the course with my child?
A: You can use it even with children. If the story is good to hear, you can use the web while handling it. The same applies when meeting in person. We understand that if you have children, your time is limited. Please feel free to contact us and resolve the issue.

Q: Tax accountants have a scary and intimidating image. I think it’s a person who doesn’t have such difficulty. I hope you will look at my blog and judge for yourself.
A: I often hear that there are things that you have to disclose about yourself regarding taxes and that you would like to consult with a suitable person.


You can apply from the inquiry page below.


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