Corporate/individual services

Inheritance tax/gift tax return, stock valuation, inheritance simulation

Inheritance tax and gift tax filing services.
We also offer inheritance simulations in anticipation of inheritance and evaluation of stocks of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Contents of offer

We provide the following services regarding inheritance and gifts.

  • Inheritance tax return
  • gift tax return
  • Inheritance simulation
  • Small business stock valuation
    • Stock valuation
    • Discuss when to make a gift based on the evaluation
    • If required, we also provide:
      • Provision of minutes at the time of transfer
      • Transfer Approval Invoice

Target audience

Anyone in any region of the country is eligible.
We will respond online depending on the location.

Inheritance Tax, etc.

Regarding land, etc., we recommend checking the site as much as possible.

Stock valuation

For corporations who want to sell stocks, those who are worried about the appraisal value.
We will be online, so we are subject to people in all areas of the country.

online offer

In principle, meetings, etc., will be handled by ZOOM.
Depending on the situation, we will respond to on-site meetings (transportation expenses will be discussed separately).


Fee Annotation
Inheritance tax return 330,000 yen + 0.55% of the total inheritance 100,000 yen at the time of contract, balance before the declaration
gift tax return Money gift of 33,000 yen/person
Settlement tax at the time of inheritance 55,000 yen/ person Tax exemption
for housing acquisition funds 110,000 yen/person
Payment before submission of tax return
Inheritance simulation
(without land survey)
Plan A: From 55,000 yen
Plan B: From 165,000 yen
Plan A: Only approximate calculation of tax amount
Plan B: Estimate tax amount and prepare inheritance countermeasures report
Small business stock valuation From 220,000 yen ・Advance payment: 10% (at the time of application)
・Remaining amount: before submission of evaluation
The price includes consumption tax.
  • Bank transfer or credit card payment will be processed after payment.
  • Please complete this at least two days before the event date.

Cancellation Policy

・The advance payment at the time of application will not be refunded regardless of the progress after that.
・50% of the fee in the case of cancellation during the evaluation
・80% of the fee in the case of cancellation after evaluation
・100% of the fee after declaration and explanation

About Stock Valuation

Is the stock price of small and medium-sized enterprises the face value?

Q: What is the amount if I donate shares to a family company? For example, once upon a time, shares were issued at 400 yen per share. Now, I would like to transfer 20,000 shares of this to my child, and I would like to sell it to an affiliated company. So would it be enough to multiply and exchange 8 million yen?

This kind of scene happens often.

Most of these sales are to third-party individuals.
The transfer to your child has to consider the gift’s rating.

Also, even if you sell to a corporation, you must trade at the market price.
Market value is different from face value.

If a company and an individual make a transaction with a low amount, it will be taxed as a gift to the individual.

SME stocks ‘cannot sell’ but ‘have value’

People often say, “Basically, stocks of small and medium-sized enterprises cannot be sold. Therefore, they have no value.”
Because if you sell it to someone, it will lead to handing over management rights.
But they are taxed as if they were worth it.

But how much would it be worth?
If you are a company that pays dividends, you can compare it with general stocks as a dividend rate.
However, there are also non-dividend companies.

Will you buy non-dividend company shares?
This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to sell.

Stock concentration

While it is difficult to move, stocks cannot continue to operate stably without a certain degree of concentration.

If you own more than two-thirds, you may transfer the business.
You can appoint or dismiss directors if you own more than half of the shares.


STEP1: Application
Use the form below to apply and pay the deposit.
STEP2: meeting
I would like to ask about the overall situation.
It is possible to have an interview on the web such as ZOOM.
STEP3: Exchange of materials
Please submit the necessary documents.
STEP4: Implementation of calculation and evaluation
We will evaluate the stock price based on the materials you have provided.
STEP5: meeting to explain
After stock valuation, we will hold a meeting and explain the details.
STEP6: remaining balance payment
You will be asked to pay the remaining amount on the invoice handed to you at the time of the explanation.
STEP7: declaration as required
(For inheritance tax and gift tax returns)


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