Personal/Corporate Services

Responding to tax investigations (individuals and corporations)

We provide support to reduce tax risks for those who are subject to tax audits and are having trouble.

You may think you’re not subject to a tax audit, but tax audits are happening. Tax audits cover income, corporate, consumption, and inheritance taxes. We provide tax audit services in this regard.

Overview and targets of tax audits

A tax audit is an investigation conducted by the National Tax Agency to confirm compliance with tax laws and collect an appropriate amount of tax—subjects, whether individuals or corporations are investigated when inaccurate tax returns or payments are suspected. Types of tax audits include general audits, document audits, and field audits, each with different characteristics and scope. Support from a tax accountant with specialized knowledge is essential because appropriate responses are required.

The Importance of Tax Audit Response and Preparation

Failure to take appropriate measures in tax audits increases the risk of additional taxes being collected and taxation revisions, which may significantly impact management. That is why it is essential to get professional advice to prepare for tax audits.

In particular, the amount of additional tax to be collected may change depending on whether it was corrected in advance, whether a tax audit revealed it, or whether it was maliciously concealed. It is necessary to take countermeasures.

Proceeding tax investigations and supporting tax accountants

Once the tax audit begins, the tax accountant will take appropriate action as the audit progresses, help negotiations with the tax office, and answer questions. It is necessary to receive a request and take reasonable measures, as it would be a problem if additional taxation were imposed because you accidentally responded somehow.

Dealing with Findings and Subsequent Responses

We can minimize tax risks by supporting appropriate responses after tax audits. A tax audit is not complete just by finishing it. After that, you will often be asked to file an amended return. We also prepare tax returns after tax audits.

Contract Flow

STEP1: Examination of consultation schedule
Please check the calendar below to confirm your preferred date.
STEP2: Request an interview using the form
The form is at the bottom of the page.
STEP3: preliminary meeting
We will check the materials and confirm the points that may be pointed out.
STEP4: On the day of the meeting
The meeting will be held based on the preliminary appointment. It can be over in one day.
STEP5: Declaration after witnessing
You may be asked to file an amended return. In that case, we will prepare a tax return and resubmit the tax return.


Q: What are the conditions for being subject to a tax audit?
A: This includes cases where there is suspicion of inaccurate declarations, tax payments, or cases where a person is randomly selected. Some sales and industries are easy to choose.

Q: Should I immediately consult a tax accountant when I receive a tax audit notice?
A: We recommend that you consult with a tax accountant as soon as possible to prepare for tax audits and receive support.

Q: How long is the tax audit period?
A: The tax audit period may be completed in one day, but it may take several days.

Q: Can a tax accountant be present during a tax audit?
A: A tax accountant will be present during the tax audit to support appropriate responses and negotiations with the tax office.

Q: What materials and information do I need for consultation?
A: We often check the most recent three years of tax documents in tax audits. Therefore, preparing “corporate tax returns, financial statements, financial statements, business overviews, consumption tax returns, and general ledger” for three years is a good idea.


Sole proprietor/corporation
preliminary meeting 44,000 yen/day
presence 66,000 yen/day
amended return 55,000 yen/fiscal year
Transportation expenses actual cost
*Price includes consumption tax.
  • Please pay by bank transfer or credit card by the day before the meeting for advance meetings.
  • Please pay the attendance fee by bank transfer or credit card within five business days from the event date.
  • We will ask you to confirm the amended tax return before submitting it to the tax office. We will file a tax return after payment is completed.


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