Support of Income Tax, Corporate Tax, and VAT and Proxy Application

This service is for those who want to file their tax return by themselves or request a complete set.
We will prepare the foundation for income tax, corporate tax, and consumption tax and then assist you in the operation of the tax return together.

In the case of individual tax returns, we plan to use the final tax return creation corner or the free e-tax return, and in the case of corporations, we plan to use the free e-tax return (we will flexibly respond to your request).

In addition, we will respond to those who wish to complete the declaration work according to the content.

Contents of offer

We support those who want to file income tax, corporate tax, and VAT(consumption tax) returns.
Acceptance when you want to request a complete set of declaration work.

If you are an individual and would like to do it yourself, please make a declaration in about 90 minutes.
If you are a corporation and wish to self-report, it will take about 180 minutes.

Target audience

Anyone in any region of the country is eligible.

Those who want support

We can provide support for the following:

  1. Salary and pension only
  2. (1) above + those who adjust for double taxation in a foreign country
  3. Selling a house or land
  4. Individual business owner
  5. Corporate tax return
  6. Consumption tax return
  7. others
    • We will make a separate estimate if there are other incomes or combinations.
    • Medical expense deductions, loan deductions, and hometown tax are also included.

Those who wish to file a tax return

We can provide support for the following:

  1. Declaration of salary and pension only
  2. (1) above + those who adjust for double taxation in a foreign country
  3. Selling a house or land
  4. others

online offer

In principle, this service will be provided via ZOOM.
In addition, if you wish to provide it directly, we will discuss the location and cost separately.


Those who want support Those who request a set Annotation
salary, pension only (1) 55,000 yen 90,000 yen
Foreign Double Taxation Adjustment 99,000 yen 120,000 yen (1) including the declaration
Capital gain on transfer 99,000 yen 150,000 yen (1) including the declaration
Declaration of business income* 99,000 yen (1) including the declaration
Corporate tax return 165,000 yen
Consumption tax return Basic taxation 55,000 yen
Simplified taxation 33,000 yen
Separate fee for delivery
The price includes consumption tax.
  • Bank transfer or credit card payment will be processed after payment.
  • We will provide a separate quotation after inquiring about the type and number of cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Please complete this at least two days before the event date.
  • * Almost all journal entries need to be entered on your side. I can help you to start freee to connect data for sole proprietors JPY33,000 and corporations JPY55,000.

cancellation policy

  • In principle, the payment made at the time of application will not be refunded regardless of the progress after that.

what to prepare

  • computer
  • my number card
  • tax return number
  • Card reader or smartphone for authentication


STEP1: Application
Please apply using the form below.
STEP2: Payment Information and Settlement
We will inform you about the payment. Please pay by bank transfer or credit card.
STEP3: Schedule adjustment
After confirming the payment, we will complete the schedule adjustment.
STEP4: Prepare materials
Necessary materials and checks will be done in advance.
STEP5: Implementation of declaration support and agency
In the case of declaration support, it will be carried out on an adjusted schedule.
STEP6: Completion of declaration

free schedule

Check here for available dates.


Please send an inquiry from the below page.


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