Understanding JP PINT: A Guide to Digital Invoicing Standards in Japan, Featured in Kigyoujitsumu, September 2023

In the September 2023 issue of the monthly “Kigyo Jitsumu” (企業実務) magazine, we have contributed articles in Japanese on “Japanese Domestic Standards for Digital Invoice” and “What is JP PINT.”
The article summarizes information for those facing the challenges of digitalization and taxation.


Information on how to tackle the challenges of digitization from the ground up

Tax-related digitization is a challenge for many people.
We can publish this article on JP PINT (the standard specification for digital invoices in Japan).

This article is a must-read for anyone considering implementing JP PINT.
This is because surprisingly few information sources summarize JP PINT, even though it has been talked about.

I mentioned JP PINT briefly above, but few information sources correctly summarize the definitions of related terms. Even if there are, many of them are rough summaries, perhaps because they are not from the field of law, leaving holes that are pointed out by management when writing proposals for small and medium-sized companies.

We have carefully written the article, from the terminology basics to the system’s structure.
You can try it out below, including the table of contents.

Kigyojitsumu (企業実務) September 2023

Aki Japan Tax Consultant Office -Simplify Japan Tax- | Understanding JP PINT: A Guide to Digital Invoicing Standards in Japan, Featured in Kigyoujitsumu, September 2023

Promoting a Comprehensive Understanding

I believe that accountants tend to want to understand the whole picture.
In particular, an organization seeking to implement JP PINT will have more than a few accountants.

In such an organization, we cannot propose saying, “We have implemented JP PINT because it is somehow good.
It is necessary to estimate what is good, the issues, and how much of the company’s accounting work will be made more efficient if JP PINT is implemented.

On the other hand, most of the information available is from accounting software vendors.
While they are not wrong, you should also refer to other sources of information from different perspectives.

However, as we felt when we contacted the Digital Agency, the people involved were too professional.
When I inquired, they would assume that “you know that much,” or they would state the main points and be challenging to understand, as if they were busy.

Even if the person in charge is excellent, I felt again during the interview that there are not enough opportunities for many people in the company to have good access to information sources.

This article is designed to compensate for the lack of such information sources.

The Challenge of Examining the Usefulness of JP PINT

One of the issues we focus on in this article is the effectiveness of JP PINT.

Many people must have felt that the information from accounting software makers and others seemed like a promising move to tackle the invoice system.
However, it isn’t easy to find information that goes that far.

We try to summarize its effectiveness and the state of diffusion in Europe, where it has been introduced first.
We believe that it would be helpful to examine the general usefulness of JP PINT and how much JP PINT can be used in your organization, etc., by comparing it with information from other countries.

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