Aki Kojima Representative & Partner

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Areas of Expertise
  • Accounting & Tax in Japan
  • English support for Individual & Corporate
  • Improvements related to general affairs (Labor Related, HR, IT, Sales)
  • Inheritant Tax & Gift Tax
  • M&A transaction support
Position and Education
  • Certificated Public Tax Accountant (Zeirishi)
  • Representative, Japan Tax Consultant Office
  • Representative Partner, Senmusubi LLC
  • MBA

As a tax accountant in Japan, I utilize my extensive experience and wide-ranging qualifications to solve our clients’ tax issues. Especially Taxes in Japan is very complex, and English-speaking people need more background and reason for the taxes. This is why I’d like to provide this office services. Our clients need solutions and this information for affordable tax payments.

I have much experience living with various countries and always helped them understand and be relieved.

Throughout my life, I’ve had the enriching experience of living alongside individuals from various nationalities, which has broadened my understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives. This multicultural background, combined with my fluency in Japanese, has equipped me with a deep appreciation for the language’s unique idioms and nuances. 

While Japan is often perceived as a land of tradition and harmony, many might need to realize the stringent rules and regulations that govern our daily lives. Witnessing friends and acquaintances grapple with these intricacies, I felt a profound desire to ensure others don’t suffer unnecessary setbacks. The joy of assisting my friends and the realization of the broader societal impact of my work has been immensely fulfilling. I’m passionate about guiding individuals through the complexities of financial regulations in Japan, and I’m here to help you navigate this journey with confidence.

I have been in charge of a wide range of operations, from improving the flow of the accounting department to responding to the corporate tax law and evaluating the stocks of small and medium-sized companies. 

In addition, I have qualifications such as the Certified Public Tax Accountant (Zeirishi) and MBA. I can provide comprehensive advice on managing small and medium-sized enterprises and consultation on web marketing. Based on our experience and qualifications, we have proven that we can respond to customers’ tax issues and solve overall management issues.

Our firm offers a wide range of tax-related services, from individuals to corporations, as well as English-speaking services. Each service leads to a solution to a specific problem of the customer. For example, reducing daily tax risks and responding to electronic book storage laws and invoice systems in tax advisory services is possible. 

In addition, our services are not limited to just taxation but can be handled from a comprehensive perspective. Because we can provide specific individual responses, we can provide unique and distinctive services rather than uniform services.

Taxes are designed to accompany people’s activities. In other words, at an essential stage in everyone’s life, there will always be a need to face taxes. Satisfactory tax compliance leads to increased personal satisfaction. I want to help you with my thirteen years of experience as a General Affairs and Tax Consultant. In addition to back office work experience, I have experience in domestic and overseas sales related to chemical products.

She has extensive experience in small and medium-sized enterprises, including IT software and hardware introduction management, recruitment, labor management, legal affairs, and trade.

She also majored in tax law at university. The tax system is well-made, but on the contrary, many things in life are not divisible. I want to be more supportive of those concerns.

I have many years of experience working with business owners. I understand that there are worries that employees do not understand, and I would like to support them. In addition, we have been considering individual careers for many years, so we can help you think about double jobs.

Added value for customers

My services allow clients to realize tangible benefits such as time and cost savings, tax risk reduction, and profit maximization. In addition, all my services are performed by tax accountants so that you can receive high-quality support.

How to communicate with customers

My office uses email, chat, and video conferencing to communicate with our customers. It allows us to respond flexibly to the needs of our customers. In addition, we conduct interviews after receiving an order and provide services based on that in the service provision process. It enables us to provide the optimum solution for your specific challenges.


My hobbies are manga, anime, photography, and my son.

I am actively trying to have fun with my children. Though it was a long time ago, my hobby was music. When I was in high school, I even played fantasies and improvisations.

It is a good memory that I played at a German restaurant in Shinsaibashi as a pre-celebration.

I used to play the guitar and trumpet, but recently I’ve moved away from it.

Before founding Consulting WP in early 2001, Brandon started two Internet companies in Silicon Valley. Previously, Brandon held various management positions in New York at Simon Brothers, most recently as Vice President in Goldhill Group, focusing on new business development and risk management. He has also worked as a senior financial risk management consultant to the financial services industry; software engineer; advertising sales manager for the popular Caribbean travel guide series; general manager of an advertising and graphic design agency; and engineering intern at the Best Health Coach.

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